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Active Schools

Our Active School

Keep fit, stay in shape, don’t quit, that’s a mistake!


Active School Committee

Our Active School Committee is made up of 6 students from 1st to 6th class.

We meet every second week to work hard to retain our Active School Flag in Abbeyleix South N.S.

Members of the committee wear special active school badges to help the rest of the school get to know who they are.

The whole school get active homework every Thursday night.


We have been very lucky this year to not have had too many wet breaks! On days where we have had to stay inside because of weather we have remained active. Older classes used the hall for their own gymnastic sessions while younger classes used go noodle, free flowing exercise movement as well as chair aerobics with Miss Kelly. All we needed was a chair, some music and ourselves. A great way to keep fit while having fun at the same time!

The children have access to a wide variety of equipment when on break and we have special storage facilities for equipment used at both breaks. We have playground leaders assuring all the equipment is put back at the end of each break. The pitch as well as the court are in full use. Basketball is a regular sight in Abbeyleix where children have lunchtime challenge matches. The children love to practice their tennis skills and have ample room to do so. The pitch is fully equipped with different stations set out for football, athletics , skipping and hula hooping. The children love to take part in yard aerobics with Miss Kelly and can be regularly seen branching off into their own yard aerobics groups and taking turns to be the instructor. The person calling out the moves still has to do them ensuring we are all staying active!

The members of the active committee are taught playground games like traffic lights, cups and saucers, duck duck goose and sea ship shore that they teach the younger classes to play. The active members make and take responsibility for the equipment needed for these games. It is a great success.


Children have covered many different games in P.E including soccer, tag rugby, basketball and tennis . We love learning from our teachers and experienced coaches from local clubs.

Well Done Wall

We have a well done wall in our school where the children bring in photos of their achievements in sport and photos of them being active outside of school with their family and friends

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