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Health Promoting School Initiative

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A Health Promoting School can be characterised as a school, “constantly strengthening its capacity, as a healthy setting for learning and working”.

Abbeyleix South National School decided to become involved in the Health Promoting School Initiative in May 2015, in order to formalise our commitment to health. Through our involvement with the HSE Health Promotion Department, we hope to bring our health promoting commitment to a new level.

Abbeyleix South National School, as a health promoting school, is one in which the Board of Management, staff, pupils, parents and relevant agencies work together in a planned way to promote the health of everyone in the school community.


Who Is Involved?
  • All Pupils

  • The Health Promoting School Committee (6 Pupils, 2 Parents, 2 Staff Members)

  • All Staff

  • Parents / Guardians

  • Whole School Community

  • To improve the overall health and well-being of our school community

  • To achieve a co-ordinated approach to social, emotional, physical and environmental needs

  • To raise the self–esteem and self–confidence of pupils

  • To provide better understanding of the school’s health aims

  • Relationships within the school will be enhanced

  • There will be involvement of parents

  • Involving pupil participation and empowerment

  • Collaborating with parents/guardians and the wider community

  • Seeking continuous improvement through ongoing monitoring and evaluation

  • Setting realistic goals built on accurate data and sound evidence


Impacts on Our School Environment

At the beginning of this Programme we sent out a survey to all parents and pupils, to help us decide on the areas of health we most needed the focus on. After analysing all of the results and suggestions from parents, pupils and staff members, we decided on the four key areas that needed to be worked on, over a two year period. During the school year (2015 – 2016) we focused on Physical Education and Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence.

This school year (2016 – 2017), we have geared towards Mental Health & Well-Being and Healthy Eating.


Health Promoting Events and Activities Include:
  • Mindfulness Mondays in each classroom

  • Yoga

  • Weekly 1km Run (Summer Term)

  • Food Dudes

  • Cycling Workshop

  • Active Week

  • Zippy’s Friends Programme

  • Designing Health Heroes

  • Growing Vegetables in Our Poly-tunnel

  • Cooking Healthy Dishes

  • Basketball Lessons

  • Mental Health Workshop

  • Tennis Workshop

  • Family Run/Walk


Where Are We Now?

The last two school years have been very productive in terms of starting off our Health Promoting School Programme. We received recognition as a Health Promoting School, last May and received a Certificate of Active Participation. By the end of this school year, we aim to have achieved a Health Promoting School Flag, for our school.

Well done to everyone, especially our health promoting school committee, on all the work which has been undertaken, in order to make our school an even happier and healthier place to work and learn.

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