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Aistear and September Learning Activities

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

We welcomed back our Senior Infant pupils and our 10 new Junior Infants are quickly settling into school life.

We started Aistear this month. We have been learning all about families, types of homes, areas within a home and body parts. Both Junior and Senior Infants participate in Aistear (Learning Through Play Framework). They created Paul Klee (Senecio) inspired portraits at the Creative Table.

We had great fun using our new vocabulary in a variety of games and activities. We did activities such as construction, role play, arts and crafts and puzzles based on this month’s theme. We also learned how to work together.

In the role play area we created a kitchen and took on different tasks - making dinner, setting the table, sweeping up and ironing and even washing the babies.

We had a super puzzle table with jigsaws puzzles and much more.

We have been building homes with blocks, lego and magna tiles and drawing pictures of our homes. We learned these new words also: roof, door, chimney, garden and window.

After reading the story of the 'Three Little Pigs' we became builders and started designing and building houses. We also used the materials the three pigs used to make their houses.

In history, we have talked about how our bodies grow and change. Our interests and our abilities change also. In science we investigated electricity and identified all the electrical equipment in the classroom. In Geography we discussed the various types of houses that people live in eg, the Inuit living in igloos and Native Americans living in teepees and wigwams.

In our Irish class, we learned all about the Ó Sé family and the characters in our Abair Liom Irish Programme. We are learning the body parts as Gaeilge and love singing Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes as Gaeilge.

In Maths Class, we have been getting used to our new interactive board. Junior Infants have been working on their matching skills and holding their pencils correctly. Senior Infant pupils have been revising numbers 1-5 and are building on their mathematical skills from last year.

It has been a very busy month. We look forward to learning lots more next month.


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