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At the Vet - Thematic Learning

This month we created our very own Vet Clinic. Our Infant pupils really enjoyed, 'The Vets' and 'Pets' as a theme. At our role play station, the pupils took on roles such as the vet, receptionist, nurse and pet owner. Pet information forms were filled in by the pupils and the vet got to work. Mice, snakes, hamsters were all seen at the vets.

At our water station, we created an aquarium. In the aquarium the fish were powered by batteries and the pupils had to wind up the turtles. Both these energy forms were discussed in class.

At the Arts and Craft Station our pupils created a 'Doggy Bag'. This piece of craft was created for Valentine's Day. We made some lovely heart biscuits to put inside the bag. Yummy! We practised our scissors skills and cut squares and rectangles to complete our Dog Food Bowl.

At the Puzzle Station, we sorted puppies by colour and size. We completed a cat and dog jigsaw puzzle. We practised our tic-tac-toe skills with Tony the dog and we learned how to play Shelby's Snack Shack game.

At the Playdough Station, we created all sorts of pets and we completed activities on the playdough sheets.

This month we had an Interactive Board Station, we played the construction game 'Animal Home Builder' with Arthur and we also designed a Talking Cat (lots of decision making in this game).

The story that we focused on this month was 'Peter and the Wolf', a symphonic fairy tale.

In Gaeilge we completed a unit of work entitled, 'Pancóga'. We were then able to use all our Irish words when we made our pancakes on 'Pancake Tuesday'.

In SPHE we worked on our 'Stay Safe Programme'. The pupils devised the saying 'hands to help, not to hurt'. See Stay Safe resources below.

Thank you to St. Lazarians, Abbeyleix Club for completing hurling sessions with us this month. We all enjoyed developing our skills.

Super work across the curriculum.

Slán go fóill, Mrs. Mythen.


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