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Fun and Learning in the Junior Room

We had great fun visiting the supermarket in our classroom for Aistear this month.

Aistear aims to provide enjoyable and challenging learning experiences through play learning, so that all children can grow and develop as competent and confident learners.

Firstly, we discussed everything we know about supermarkets. We had very interesting conversations about our favourite foods, different supermarkets in our locality and all the different things we might see in a supermarket. We practiced being shopkeepers and customers and learned lots of new words to use in our role play centre. We wrote shopping lists, counted money and filled our trolleys with lots of yummy food!

Pupils were busy at the playdough station. They made fruits, vegetables and even pizzas.

Lots of budding architects were seen at the construction station this month.

Our pupils loved using lego to build a supermarket.

At our puzzle station we focused on our mathematical skills. We balanced fruit, worked on our fine motor skills and sorted fruit by colour and number in our fruit pie.

We completed super art work based on the book 'Handa's Surprise'.

We learned lots about our senses too. We tasted things that are bitter, sweet, sour and salty!

Slán go fóill, Mrs. Mythen.


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