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March Activities and Learning in the Junior Room

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

In March the children learned all about the Garden Centre, a super theme for spring time! We learned about different types of plants and flowers and what they need in order to grow!

The pupils played in the Role Play area, inside the Garden Centre where they practised using gardening tools and buying and selling plants and tools! We put our plants on the window sill to make sure they get sunlight which is necessary for them to grow. We take turns watering them each day.

In the Construction area the children worked hard to design and build beautiful flower arrangements.

A water station with a pond for the children to explore the life cycle of a frog and lots of other pondlife creatures.

There were lots of puzzles to complete at the Puzzle Station.

The children created beautiful works of art for St. Patrick's Day and Mother's Day and had lots of fun while doing so with their friends in school! 

At the Computer Station each team worked together to complete Spring Jigsaw Puzzles.

We enjoyed using our Ipads this month. We worked on our sight words.

In Music Class we listened to Haydn's, Surprise Symphony and we used our percussion instruments to play this

wonderful piece of music.

We studied the book 'The Night before St. Patrick's Day' by Natasha Wing.

For St. Patrick's Day we had a treat of orange jelly, mint ice cream and white

marshmallows. Yummy!


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