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September in the Infant room


Welcome to our Junior and Senior Infants blog for September. What a busy September it has been! We welcomed our seven new Junior Infant pupils into our classroom and they have settled in so well. Senior Infants were so good showing Junior Infants where everything is in our classroom and setting excellent examples of good behaviour and team work.

We love getting out to the pitch when the grass is dry. We've named all the cows in the field next to the pitch!

Check out our pictures to see all our September activities!


Our Aistear theme was Birthdays. We had so much fun.

· We made cakes from junk art using paint, pritt stick, glue and Sellotape. We worked together as a team to create the cakes. Our parents were delighted to see such creations coming home!!!

· We loved the role play area, again we made cakes in the kitchen and then took turns being the special birthday person!

· We also used playdough and created some fantastic birthday themed cakes and cookies!

We celebrated one real birthday and a tooth falling out this month!

Well done to all. It was an excellent start to the year.


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