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The Polar Regions and Learning from the Junior Room

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

We are learning about Polar regions in January. The pupils are really enjoying all our activities and we have read lots of stories and learned lots of facts about people and animals who live in the Arctic and Antarctic. We studied the differences and similarities of both areas. Our pupils have learned how animals survive in such extreme weather conditions.

For Aistear we have created an Arctic small world and what great conversations there have been at this station. We included a sensory tub of water beads and all the water creatures of the Arctic and Antarctic.

At our creative art station the pupils created an icy background for our Winter Woolies Photo. We also painted a fabulous igloo scene and used shades of blue and purple to paint our classroom igloo.

The role play area has a clothes shop where the pupils can sort the clothes into winter and summer clothes.

At the water station pupils investigated water flow and how to create a dam.

At the puzzle station the pupils had a number of challenges and tasks to complete. They enjoyed completing icy jigsaw puzzles, a balancing penguin activity, counting penguins and a sorting penguins activity.

At the Construction Station the pupils enjoyed creating icy buildings.

In Science we carried out an experiment with coconut oil, to show how a layer of blubber helps keep mammals such as whales and seals warm in the ice cold water.

Super Work completed this month!

We worked on our music rhythms too! We love using the percussion instruments. We studied the work of Vivaldi and his composition 'Winter'. We responded to this lovely piece of music with drawings.

We completed a book study on the book, 'The Three Snow Bears' and we made comparisons and connections with this book and the story, 'The Three Little Bears'. We use 'Paula the Predictor', 'Sammy the Summariser' and 'C.C the Cow' to help with our comprehension of this story. WALT and WILF always help us to remember What we are learning to do and What teacher is looking for.

See the link below, if you would like to listen to this story.

Thank you to some of the pupils from the Senior Room for helping with the set up of this unit of work. Greatly appreciated.


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